Double Charging Dock DCD1600 [B800,B1600]


Power: 40A (2’400 w) – Single charger mode or 2x 20A (1200W) Double charger mode
Compatible: B800; B1600 battery
Warranty: 12 months (unlimited hours)
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Automated charging with LED indications
Air cooling for charger and battery
Compact charging system next to pit lane

Double charger mode
30 min. – 60 min.
Single charger mode
20 min – 40 min (from 20-90%)*
*average charging time from 20% to 90%, this may vary depending on temperature and/or degradation level of battery

Normal charging: 2,4 kW (110 – 240V)
Input voltage 90-265VAC
Rated power 2.4kW
Efficiency 93%
Output Voltage: 48V
Output Current: 40A

1 year unlimited warranty
Maintenance service after the warranty time

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