Street-Legal Motorcycle Power Unit



Power: 35 kW (47 hp) / 120 Nm (88 ft-lb)
Top Speed: up to 160 km/h (95 mph)
Estimate delivery time: 2023/Q4
Power unit price: 9200 EUR

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BSR provides a one-year unlimited-hours warranty for our electric power system (battery, motor, charger, and other electronic). There is no warranty for chassis or related mechanic parts, but if there is something under quality claim, the customer has 30 days to send it to BSR to fix it or change it if it is a production issue. More warranty regulations could be asked at


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Power: 35 kW (47 hp)
Torque: 120 Nm (88 ft-lbs)
Battery capacity: 7.5 kWh
Quick Swap Battery: YES
Battery charging power: 2.5Kw (Type 2)
Range: 180 km (115 miles)
Top Speed: 160 kph (100 mph)
Weight: 65 Kg (143 lb)
Suitable for street bikes, endurance bikes, and other street-legal applications.

Included: Included: Fully equipped and programmed power unit, including all adoptive components to match with most standard motorcycle components. Plug-and-play solution

Installation: Power unit is ready for installation and compatable with standard motorbike parts

Deposit payment is 100 euros, which is a pre-order reservation fee that be deducted from the final bill before the delivery of the motorcycle. It is possible to request a 100% refund no later than 30 days before the product delivery


Top speed: up to 160km/h (95mph)
Power: 35kW (44hp) /120Nm (88 ft-lb)

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