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electric karts

Electric kart – How it works?

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Every Blue Shock Race electric kart has 4 main components – An electric motor, controller, battery, and chassis. Since we use standard racing kart chassis we will skip the chassis part and will go straight to the Power unit.

In Blue Shock Race a set that contains an electric motor, controller, and a battery we call – Power unit. Blue Shock Race power units you can put on any standard racing kart chassis, just like with a regular internal combustion engine.

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Is it time for electric kart?

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Kart driving is full of dilemmas: whether to try to overtake or be patient, to put slicks on a drying track or stay with wets, to choose a kart with or without gears. Now drivers also face the choice between petrol and electric. But which kart should you go for? To unravel this question, let’s take a look at both karts and consider the differences. Read More

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