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The Future of Karting – Innovations that will Drive the Sport Forward

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Karting, a motorsport that traces its roots back to the 1950s, has captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts for decades. However, the future of this time-honored sport is far from stagnant. Advancements in technology, shifting trends, and a renewed focus on sustainability are set to reshape the karting, bringing exciting possibilities to both pro drivers and amateur racers. Read More

BSR ONE Electric Motorcycles: A Multi-Functional Plug and Play Solution for Enthusiasts

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Blue Shock Race (BSR) has been working on the development of electric motorcycle power units for more than 18 months. BSR ONE is a multi-functional Plug and Play solution for electric motorcycle enthusiasts, allowing them to build their own electric motorcycles in just one day and enjoy all the benefits of this technology. The platform is built as Open Source, which means that it provides a unique opportunity for people to prepare Plug and Play systems that don’t require much technical knowledge about engines, programs, batteries, etc. All of these components are created as a single block that can be easily plugged in and used like a phone or a laptop.

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