Blue Shock Race is willing to transfer its experience to other countries and sports federations to help develop electric karting championships that would enable the creation of European and World electric karting championships in the next few years. We believe that electric karting is a future solution already today. We provides:

  • Development of Championship regulations.
  • Training of judges on how to provide the technical inspection for electric e-karts.
  • Safety training and fire fighting training.
  • Kart power limiters and their installation.
  • Options of charging infrastructure and planning.
  • Classes and their subdivision.
  • Training’s and tests.
  • E-karts for the championship.
  • Spare parts and service.

Our mission is to develop National Electric Karting Championships as soon as possible so as to have the opportunity to hold the first European and World Electric Karting Championships by 2020 and to promote the progress of manufacturers in the development of these technologies.

Launching of a National Championship with 20 or more electric karts, teams that are taking part and all the preparation will require 2–3 months and a start-up funding of around 300 000 euro.

The holding of a championship requires one local partner who is ready to work closely with Blue Shock Race by entering into an exclusive contract for delivery of vehicles and equipment, their after-sales service and other needs within the championship framework. This partner will receive exclusive rights to work with Blue Shock Race techniques and represent it in the particular region, earning profit.

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