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This is small step for human but giant leap for electric auto-sports future! We believe in the world with modern technologies and will make it brighter.


The Blue Shock Race Franchise Track is the most efficient and smallest e-kart track and its operating system with an optimal investment.
The BSR 2.0 e-karts have been designed from the scratch as a specialized solution to achieve the dynamics of sports kart, the advantages of e-kart and above all, there is no need to wait while they are charging. Thanks to the unique Quick Swap Battery Technology, the smallest and most powerful battery in the go-kart market can be charged separately from the kart.
There are no franchise fees or other hidden commissions charged on the hall revenue. We believe we have created an e-kart entertainment system that makes this business cheaper, more accessible, and more efficient.

Blue Shock Race Franchise track electric karts


Thanks to Quick Swap Battery Technology, the BSR19 e-karts can achieve the most efficient load without having to wait until they are charged since within a couple of minutes between the rides, the batteries are replaced – these are the smallest and most efficient batteries on the market weighing just 10.2 kg.
Charging the batteries separately from the kart allows to ensure better technical conditions and to provide each rider with 100% charged batteries before the ride, thus ensuring equal competition between all competitors as possible.
If you intend to operate up to 10 karts and do not have the space or the funding for two parallel kart fleets, then this is the only way you can ensure a continuous kart service for up to 12 hours without interruption. Every minute of driving the kart generates revenue.


The Blue Shock Race Franchise Track includes several additional amusement areas such as Virtual Reality, Mario Go-kart, Rally Simulators, Virtual Box, and other options that generate significant additional revenue and combine various interests.
The MC Race coffee and snack area have been created to provide customers with small gastronomic refreshments. In addition, the existing lounges allow arranging kid’s or adults’ parties or even large corporate events.
Souvenirs, personalized security equipment, and other accessories generate additional revenue and give customers an extra sense of belonging to a shared vision for the development of e-technology. We believe it is a pride to be part of the future of e-racing.

Blue Shock Race Franchise food
Blue Shock Race Franchise Safety


The BSR 2.0 e-karts are equipped with a special shock-absorbing system that reduces the effect of an impact on the kart, thereby reducing both the damage and the level of impact on the pilot.
The karts are equipped with automatic recuperation which at critical moments works as an additional braking system and, at the customer’s request, can be equipped with various types of safety belts or other optional equipment depending on the track specification.
The entire track is equipped with an automated kart safety system, where special algorithms provide continuous monitoring of the track and, if necessary, the safety system can reduce the capacity of the kart itself and even stop it if required for security purposes.
The Low Voltage Directive for karts states that the kart is safe for children in terms of electrical power parameters and meets all CE requirements. We believe that a safe go-kart is the key to a successful business.


The Blue Shock Race Franchise provides a complete management system training package which includes the hall management instructions, management instructions for every amusement area, technical service management, facility instructions, customer service guidelines, and more.
Each BSR Franchise hall team is specially trained by BSR specialists by following the daily rhythm for 2-4 weeks until the optimal levels are achieved.
The BSR team also provides a marketing management system and its monitoring, as well as centralized online ticketing, so every hall gets the best possible online sales results through the combined Blue Shock Race brand worldwide, including motorsport stars, state-of-art technology, e-karting championships, and more.

Blue Shock Race Franchise Incomes
Blue Shock Race Franchise investment


The investment for the new BSR Track starts from 200K+ Euro, the final investment amount depends on how many karts you plan to operate, how many additional amusement facilities to deploy, the investments required to prepare the venue, as well as other indicators (investments include everything from a 3D model to karts and track system, everything until a ready operating hall and a trained team, it is all a part of start-up investments).
BSR does not charge any additional interest on turnover, but only a percentage of the centralized online ticket sales, thus promoting the marketing of each hall on the internet and ensuring a guaranteed flow of customers and payment for servicing of customers.
BSR provides the technical service of the hall and fault elimination warranty, as well as other services allowing the business to earn every minute uninterrupted.


1. Apply for a BSR Franchise by sending an e-mail to (please state the country, city, size of the venue, as well as your contact details).
2. We will prepare a draft proposal for the creation of the BSR Franchise hall (concluding a Letter of Intent on project progress and detailed development).
3. The Blue Shock Race team will prepare a 3D model, business, and investment plan for the new venue.
4. Following the final agreement, the parties will enter into a contract for the implementation, timing, budget, and execution of the project as well as a franchise agreement for the use of the BSR brand and related matters.
5. The project implementation period from the conclusion of the contract to the opening of the hall is on average 3-4 months (the period may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of work involved).
6. Implementation of the new hall team training, safety and quality control, marketing activity plan, and other processes.
7. Business supervision and monitoring, cyclical quarterly analysis, and system optimization.

Blue Shock Race Franchise steps


Best offer to save investment, race non-stop and make more money with less karts.

✦ 2 years unlimited warranty
✦ 50% less maintenance
✦ No running costs for ventilation
✦ Adjustable power for any customer

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Only BSR Franchise Go-Kart School attendees with outstanding results in the local halls can win free participation in the national e-kart championships receiving full technical support from the Blue Shock Race production team and the opportunity to prove themselves in the world of motorsport as a new rising star.
Tell us of your interest in creating your own BSR go-kart hall by writing to: (we operate worldwide).



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