BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Go-kart 25kW+

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Power: 33 kW (44 hp) / 120 Nm (88.25 ft-lb)
Top Speed:  up to 135 km/h (84 mph)
Chassis: BIREL ART CRY32-S14 (Full brakes)
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Chassis: BSR/ BirelArt CRY 32-S14 KZ 2022; homologation N° 007/CH/12
Body: Standard Birel Art CRY32-S14 bodywork
Seat: Freeline Kart Components (Sizes 1; 1+; 2; 3; 4)
Steering wheel: BSR/320mm
Battery: 56Ah / 96V Li-Ion (autonomy 10+ min)
QSB: Quick Swap Battery System (swap in 2 min)
Power: Limited till 33kW from battery
Top speed: Up to 135km/h (84 mph)
Acceleration: From 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) ~3.0 seconds
Charger: AC/DC 3,0kW (110-240V)
Brakes: Front and rear brakes
Rear axle: 50mm
Transmission: Chain 428 (14/26T)
Rims: Magnesium
Kart weight: 110 Kg (without tires)

Included: Electric motor, controller, battery, charger, mounting parts, bolts, chassis, installation instruction

Efficiency range: From 1’000-4’500 RPM (from 30-135km/h; 18 – 84mph)
Gear ratio: 14/26T (1,86)
Power: 33kW (44hp)

6 reviews for BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Go-kart 25kW+

  1. Valts Vīze

    Great product!

  2. Driver

    Insane performance. To fast for me!!!

  3. Janis P.

    faster than Rotax DD2 with great acceleration.


    Great Product, we love it at

  5. Anthony

    So I’m having it for a few weeks now. I can definitely give a fair review.

    Acceleration and torque are amazing.
    It’s on normal racing chassis same that I would use for gas powered kart.
    Handling and everything are similar to a normal go kart.
    Everything is working as I was expecting after seeing the youtube video.

    It’s a bit more heavy than a standard petrol kart but not a lot.
    You need at least one spare battery otherwise charging time takes about an hour .
    You need a track near to your home, it’s a real racing kart so the parking lot is quite dangerous.
    And of course it was quite expensive. But in the end you get almost a sports car.. so I if you want to have fun on track this is probably one of the cheapest options.

    Overall all its a 9/10 for me. I bought it after seeing a YouTube video and got what i expect

  6. Sergio (verified owner)

    I wanted to say a lot of thanks to BSR team! In 2016 I was thinking of building electric kart by myself, because there was no solution on the market. That time I didn’t decide to build a team for this. But the guys from BSR did it and just made my dream come true)))

    So I’ve ordered the 25kW+ version of BSR on Energy chassis. 

    For me the main advantage of BSR is that you can always rely on it. With the petrol kart a lot of things can go wrong – you always have to check up, tune and repair your engine. With BSR – the only thing you have to care about – is to charge the battery. The engine works just the same any time, any weather etc.
    So for me it’s just a great practicing tool. It feels very precise, smooth and technically advanced. I felt BSR kart’s dynamics comparable to Rotax DD2. 

    What I liked:

    – no engine maintance
    – low noise
    – no vibrations
    – no smell
    – no liquids
    – no worries about temperatures
    – instant torque
    – smoothness
    – kart is well balanced and doesn’t feel heavy
    – reverse drive feature )) 
    – BSR drivetrain fits any chassis
    – the battery is swapable

    The only thing to improve is the weight of the battery. Batteries have to become significally lighter with the same capacity. I belive to see this revolution in the nearest future. Then I’ll just change the battery on my BSR kart and enjoy even more impressive dynamics!))

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