BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Go-kart 7kW

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Power: 6 kW (8 hp) / 40 Nm (29.50 ft-lb)
Top Speed:  up to 90 km/h (56 mph)
Chassis: BIREL ART (Rear brakes)
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Chassis: BSR/ BirelArt Mini C28 S14 2022 (homologation n° 007/CH/92)
Body: Standard BirelArt Mini C28 S14 bodywork
Seat: Freeline kart components (Size XS or 1)
Steering wheel: BSR/320mm
Battery: 35Ah / 48V Li-Ion (autonomy 18+ min)
QSB: Quick Swap Battery System (swap in 30 sec)
Power: Limited till 6kW from battery
Top speed: Up to 90km/h (56mph)
Acceleration: From 0-60 km/h (37mph) ~4.0 seconds
Charger: AC/DC 1,2kW (110-240V)
Brakes: Rear brakes
Rear axle: 30 mm
Transmission: Chain 219 (26/72T)
Rims: Alloy (standard)
Kart weight: 76 Kg (without tires)

Included: Electric motor, controller, battery, charger, mounting parts, bolts, chassis, installation instruction

Efficiency range: From 1’000-3’500 RPM (from 25-85km/h; 15 – 52mph)
Gear ratio: 26/72T (2,77)
Power: 6kW (8hp)

3 reviews for BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Go-kart 7kW

  1. Driver

    Perfect for Micro class drivera. Just charge and race.

  2. Nauris

    Top produkt.

  3. Timurs

    It’s the Top 1 in USA. Even if it’s an electrical cart, it isn’t dangerous to drive in rainy weather. Besides, it’s easier to repair if any problems occur with the engine.
    In addition, its operating temperature is in the range of -30 til +30 celsius.
    Furthermore, it weighs 20 kg less then a standard cart.
    Last but not least, it’s safer, comfortable, isn’t noisy and doesn’t pollute due to absence of exhaust gases.
    “I feel proud when I can join BSR tests. See you on the track”⚡⚡⚡🏎️

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