Next generation of electric power go-karts

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Custom made extremely powerful professional electric go-karts.

BSR Entertainment

Perfect choice for go-kart businesses that want to create great emotions and optimize the costs.

  • Acceleration
    Powerful electric engine develops a torque of up to 200Nm to the rear axle that allows to reach 100km/h in 3.1 second.
  • Charging
    Quick battery charge takes approximately 30 minutes. QuickSwap System allows changing batteries in less than a minute.
  • Engine
    Brushless electric engine ensures long life and energy efficiency up to 95%
  • Technology
    No more problems with maintenance of petrol engine and unstable power of go-karts.
  • Costs
    Very low operating and electricity costs. Up to 5 times lower comparing to petrol karts.
  • Battery
    Brand new battery technology based on Lithium makes these battery packs super light, very capacious, and powerful at the same time.
  • Weight
    The total weight of go-kars does not exceed 105 kilograms that makes it particularly dynamic.
  • Speed
    The maximum speed can reach 200 km/h. Every go-karts is adapted to the needs of a client.
  • Noise
    Very low noise level. If needed go-kart noise simulation can be added.
  • Emissions
    No emission. New way to enjoy sports and power by not harming the nature.


The foundation of great success

The story

Blue Shock Race is a company that has grown from a team of young but very ambitious and dynamic people. Each team member has a strong expertise in certain field, but we are united by unstoppable belief that we are doing this for a better future.
In order to find the best possible solution, we have to work with a strong confidence on every problem our clients and partner are facing. There are no two similar clients or to similar stories; what works for one may not work for other. Therefore, we spend time to get to know our clients before we come up with a solution.
A strong team is based on trust and confidence, and that is what we pass on with every project we bring to sunlight. Everyone who begins working with us becomes our long term partner.
Positive energy is created by brave and responsible work.

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