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Open-Source platform, where you can unleash endless creative possibilities for your electric motorbike


Build your very own street legal electric motorcycle in just one day, right at home, at a motorcycle shop, or in a local workshop. With our modular system, you can assemble thousands of different variations, creating unique and personalized electric bikes.

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Get acquainted with the game-changing battery technology in our electric bikes


Revolutionize the electric motorcycle experience with a complete solution that includes an electric engine, control system, quick swap batteries, software, frame construction, and more. Our plug-and-play design features easily adoptable components that are compatible with a wide range of standard motorcycle parts.

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Our system delivers up to 35kW of power with a torque of 120Nm. The quick swap 7.5kWh battery provides a range of up to 180km for daily use or 20 minutes of full-performance racing on the track. At a weight of only 65kg, enjoy a lightweight and dynamic ride.

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Discover the convenience of battery swap technology in our electric bike lineup
From off-road adventures to street-legal rides, our electric bikes offer versatile performance


We provide the opportunity for anyone to become a local assembler, designer, or manufacturer of new electric motorcycle models. Using standard or custom-made motorcycle parts, every shop or workshop can create their own classic or unique electric motorcycles.

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Build your first electric motorcycle and get hands-on with technology, compatibility, and other technical aspects. Once you catch the point, register as a BSR ONE DEVELOPER to access additional options in the BSR system, giving you the chance to become a local BSR ONE motorcycle manufacturer.

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Energize your ride with the incredible battery technology of our electric bikes
Blue Shock Race revolutionizes electric motorbikes with an open-source power unit platform
Discover the next-generation electric motorbike powered by Blue Shock Race


Power Unit price: 9’900 EUR
Estimate delivery time: 2024/Q4

Power: 35 kW (47 hp)
Torque: 120 Nm (88 ft-lbs)
Battery capacity: 6.0 kWh
Quick Swap Battery: YES
Battery charging power: 3.3kW
Range: 150 km (95 miles)
Top Speed: 150 kph (95 mph)
Weight: 65 Kg (143 lb)

Suitable for cross bikes, quad bikes, and other off-road applications.


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Power Unit price: 10’500 EUR
Estimate delivery time: 2025/Q1

Power: 35 kW (47 hp)
Torque: 120 Nm (88 ft-lbs)
Battery capacity: 7.5 kWh
Quick Swap Battery: YES
Battery charging power: 2.5kW (Type 2)
Range: 180 km (112 miles)
Top Speed: 160 kph (100 mph)
Weight: 65 Kg (143 lb)

Suitable for street bikes, endurance bikes, and other street legal applications.


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Experience a new level of speed and power with Blue Shock Race's electric bike technology


We provide 24/7 online technical support for the electric system to both developers and end-users. Meanwhile, BSR offers the opportunity for system diagnostics and improvement, and potential problem resolution online, allowing every BSR ONE user to receive support from any location.

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Launch of the BSR ONE online platform in Q1 2024, connecting developers and end-users globally to showcase unique models and build custom part lists for assembly in an online store. Create your own online business worldwide.

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Fast charging, Type 2 charging, and CCS charging options for ultimate convenience
Revolutionize your ride with the advanced power unit platform from Blue Shock Race


The Open Source system opens new opportunities for millions of people to get involved in electric motorcycle development and business globally with minimal investments. Advanced power capabilities will unlock new segments in both professional sports and industrial production in the future.

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The BSR ONE 2023 model is an early stage model that doesn’t provide all the intended features yet, but it is 100% ready for building electric motorcycles. In the coming months, several upgrades and improvements will be released, which can also be activated or installed on early versions. We want to inform you that technology development takes a little time, but to develop it to the fullest, the product needs to reach end users to receive the most accurate feedback for further improvement. Therefore, we would like to thank all the early customers and partners who are granted additional benefits not available to future BSR ONE users, such as extended warranties, free technical support, better pricing and other bonuses.


BSR develops various low-voltage electric solutions based on our experience and technology. One of our latest developments is the electric motorcycle system. Our goal is to create a robust, powerful, lightweight, and user-friendly power unit system that enables anyone to build their custom electric motorcycle, regardless of their prior knowledge of motorcycle mechanics or electric technology.
BSR offers individual power units for motorcycle shops and small workshops, providing unlimited freedom to create electric motorcycles and ready-made electric motorcycles with customized solutions for clients. With this solution, we have created an open-source platform for anyone to fulfill their dreams and ideas of designing an electric motorcycle, just the way they want it. For those who are more entrepreneurial, creating new models based on the BSR system can lead to establishing their local businesses.
BSR ONE is the first-generation system that opens up new options for our clients. Over the next three years, we will develop new approaches that provide higher power and other technical parameters and a unified platform where motorcycle developers can work online with BSR systems and incorporate them into their motorcycle production process or sell specific components worldwide.
We help people obtain new opportunities and create new businesses with modern technology. Join us to be part of it.


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