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Commercial Electric Go-Kart

The record-setting electric kart achieved a top speed of 163 km/h (101.3 mph), solidifying its position as the fastest commercially available electric racing kart in the world. Impressively, this record-setting run required minimal modifications to the kart, the idea behind this record was to show performance that you can get from an “off the shelf” product.


2023 All Japan Karting Championship EV Division

The 2023 All Japan Karting Championship, including the EV Division, highlighted the pinnacle of Japanese kart racing. This championship brought together elite racers from across the nation, competing in various divisions, including the newly established EV category with Blue Shock Race electric karts.

Electric Kart World Record
BSR Factory


In 2022, Blue Shock Race (BSR) reached the milestone of products delivered worth 3 million Euros. In the face of global challenges, production and delivery capacity rose by nearly 40% compared to 2021, delivering BSR products to more than 35 countries worldwide – Japan, Mexico, USA, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Saudi Arabia, etc.


Through technological breakthroughs, the BSR team has developed an electric motorcycle platform that will enter the market in 2023. It is a unique solution that will present new opportunities in the electric motorcycle market. The Open-Source platform provides a virtually unlimited motorcycle distribution program that enables any motorcycle parts store, service, or distributor to become a producer of electric motorcycles.


The BSR franchise served as the basis for developing the 9B solution that is Multi Activity Centres. By installing them in strategically important locations, the charging issues of electric mobility are resolved at nearly 100%, and renewable energy does not create additional load on the national electricity grid. BSR takes the first steps in electric mobility, addressing the challenges posed by the energy industry!


Blue Shock Race 2.0 version electric karts with all the latest updates surprise more and more drivers and event organizers. New partners in Europe and overseas. In 2021 Blue Shock Race karts sold in 26 different countries all over the globe.
First electric kart championship in BeNeLux. A lot of demo tests and events in Europe. Factory and BSR team expansion with more than 30 employees.


Belgium/Netherlands electric kart championship
More than 30 different drivers competed in 5 stages and two categories. The main event was held in Belgium, Genk. A lot of fast and talented drivers.


The first-time street race event for electric karting. Located next to the mediterranean sea in Greece, Patras.
The P.I.C.K Patras electric kart race is the first-time electric kart street race event for motorsport fans and locals. Special charity event where people can see the beauty of this sport next to home without going to track. Every year, the town of Patras turns into a motorsport festival as the bravest kart racers gather to test themselves against others in the street of Patras.

Demo championship stages, tests, and events in Monaco, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Portugal. World EXPO 2020 exhibition in UAE, Drivers events in European rally championship, and Extreme E.

Greece Electric kart championship
Electric kart 2020


We have sold almost 100 electric karts in 15 countries, such as the USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Mexico, and Germany.
Due to the new BSR 2.0 kart generation developed by BSR, the company has managed to prove to the customers and kart industry that the Blue Shock Race is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of electric karts. For this, the company has received the TOP 1 nomination in the US kart survey portal GokartGuide.com.


Blue Shock Race has created an additional class for children in the Latvian Electric Kart Championship with the capacity of 7 kW which forms the basis for championships in 5 more countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, and Latvia). The new 25 kW racing kart has been demonstrated as well; it is the fastest and most powerful model in the BSR 2.0 generation series reaching the speed of up to 120 km/h and 100 Nm torque.


The new rent-intended go-kart BSR 19 was developed in late 2018. It was already in January 2019 when it was presented in Germany in the biggest go-kart exhibition in the world – Kart Messe – in Offenbach. During the exhibition, the rent-intended model BSR19 was recognized as one of the most attractive rent-intended go-karts with a unique system for fast battery replacement. Visitors of the exhibition and potential clients expressed a strong interest in the


On March 1, 2019, we started collaboration with one of the largest British manufacturers of go-karts – Gilliard Racing Karts – concerning manufacturing of chassis for BSR sports go-karts. The first racing go-karts created within this collaboration were tested in London. The new chassis are more dynamic, durable, adapted to installation of electrical circuit and homologated by FIA-CIK. Later, on April 18, 2019, the new go-karts were presented to the Motorsport UK with the aim to make the United Kingdom one of the countries that has its own national championship for electric go-karts.

Electric kart
Blue Shock Race first championship


The World’s First National Electric Go-Karts Championship, in collaboration with LMT Motorsports Academy, launched on May 1, 2018, in Kandava. The event was supported by Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT), Samsung, Latvian Automobile Federation (LAF), and others. FIA President Joan Todt attended the motorsport summit to show his support for the use of electricity in national motorsports.


The Blue Shock Race first time started a crowdfunding campaign with Fundwise, attracting additional resources for development of production capacities and certification. Totally, 138 investors invested 212 000.00 EUR within the campaign, and the BSR team joined Aigars Zviedris, the two-time Latvian go-kart racing champion with 38 years of experience in the field of kart racing.


In February 2017, BSR electric go-karts were first time exported from Latvia to Uzbekistan. The first samples crossed the Latvian border and went to the world.


BSR opened its largest electric go-kart racing hall, BSR RIGA, in the heart of Riga on July 2, 2017. The hall features advanced and dynamic go-karts for both children and adults, and the latest BSR rent-intended electric go-karts were presented there.

Blue Shock Race track 2017
Blue Shock Race Electric karts 2016


BSR opened their second go-kart racing hall, BSR Liepāja, on June 7, 2016, after the success of their KidsZone in Riga. Initially offering only electric go-kart races, additional entertainment was added due to high attendance. The Liepāja hall was used to test improved rent-intended go-karts and a racing school was established with Mārtiņš Sesks, the ERC champion, and Viktors Ellers as coaches. The school taught children driving skills, and the benefits of electric go-karts, and was available to both children and adults. The Liepāja hall was visited by the UAE ambassador and Latvian rock stars.


BSR created its first electric go-kart prototype in 2015 with a 30 kW engine and a top speed of 176 km/h, reaching 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. The 2018 European Rally champion, Mārtiņš Sesks, was the first to test it and professional pilots like Jānis Baumanis and Sten Pentus found it to be a competitive option in motorsports. Former Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis also tested the prototype. The go-kart made its successful debut in the 2015 Kaunas competition, piloted by Tomass Kaminskas from Lithuania.


BSR opened its first go-kart racing hall, Blue Shock Race KidsZone, in Riga’s Trading Centre “Rīga Plaza” on December 17, 2015, just 6 months after starting go-kart production. The hall, the company’s first major project in Latvia, features an electric go-kart track for children with virtual game simulations. The goal of KidsZone is to educate and inspire the younger generation about electric motorsports.

Champions of Change: Blue Shock Race's Evolution
BSR logo


The company Blue Shock Race was founded in Liepāja on June 13, 2014, by CEO Artis Daugins. They specialize in electric go-karts, aiming to advance electric transport solutions and educate society on the benefits of electric vehicles at an affordable price. The name “Blue Shock” refers to the blue-white light associated with electricity, with “Race” added for a link to motorsports competitions and speed.


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