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Company registered: 2014 (Latvia, EU)
Global sales: Since 2019
Employees: 25 (full-time)
Production facility: 1’200 m2
Current markets: 40+ countries worldwide
Company Pre-Money valuation: 18M EUR
Total funding amount: 1,45 M EUR (seed round)

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Unlock the potential of electric motors in the world of racing


Since 2015, BSR has built a strong management and engineering team as well as an excellent team of designers and marketers. The company works on battery production, power unit systems, and manufacturing metal and plastic components. This provides a platform for the manufacture and sale of a wide range of electric vehicles and related products. Electric Kart is the first product to demonstrate the team’s ability to revitalize a conservative niche market with the latest technologies, offer uncompromising solutions, and address a significant market share in a short time.


Create specific products for larger markets – electric motorcycle power unit systems, electric motorcycles, battery energy storage systems, independent and self-sufficient electric vehicle charging systems, and electric vehicle charging parks.

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Invest in the development of electric karting and battery technology


Bring all product manufacturing processes under one BSR Production umbrella to optimize industry product manufacturing costs, increase profit margins, reduce development costs, and create diversified manufacturing with high efficiency and flexibility in the introduction of new solutions.


Franchise or distribute a portion of the products and services. In this way, continue to manufacture and provide services but reduce the focus on operating and managing processes. Centralising IT solutions and introducing paid subscription programs for different services would allow the company to reach a larger audience without an initial investment and increase the long-term income of the company.

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Blue Shock Race future forecasts for investors

All numbers are Millions (EUR)
Numbers presenting delivered product value in total or future predicted deliveries per year.


We are not changing the world; we are changing the understanding of how we live in the world.
BSR is always looking for solutions to challenges that others find impossible. Business for us is like a game. Every day we go out on the field and search for ways to win the game and collect as many points as we can along the way. Each time we lose, we learn how to fight back better. This is the nature of development. We’re here to prove that impossible things are possible.

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2018 – World’s first national electric kart championship
2019 – Global product certification
2021 – Exclusive Supplier agreement for Birel ART
2022 – Delivered products 3.0 M EUR
2022 – Fastest Production Electric Race kart in the World – Vroom, Gokartguide
2023 – New World electric speed record – Video


If you want to become a part of our growth story, find out more information or apply for making your potential investment, fill in the investment application form or send a message to the e-mail address info@blueshockrace.com

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