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Unleash the power of electric karting with BSR's advanced technology

At Blue Shock Race, we specialize in electric racing karts, offering various products and services to enhance the karting experience. We spend a lot of time and energy designing the best battery and charging systems. Our systems provide several advantages and incorporate safety features to ensure a smooth and secure operation.

Advantages of Blue Shock Race Battery and Charging System


Quick Swap Battery System:

The Blue Shock Race Battery and Charging System features the Quick Swap Battery System (QSB), offering a virtually unlimited driving range and reducing project costs significantly. With QSB, battery swaps take just 30 seconds, ensuring efficient karting sessions without interruptions. This eliminates the need to buy extra karts for fixed battery models, reducing costs for karting businesses.

Experience the thrill of electric karts with cutting-edge battery technology

Reduced Space Requirements:

The Blue Shock Race Battery and Charging System helps karting businesses lower their space costs. By utilizing the QSB, the pit-lane space requirements can be significantly reduced, allowing track owners to expand their tracks in small or compact locations or reduce venue rental costs. The space-saving design is particularly advantageous in high-cost locations with limited space, helping businesses achieve substantial savings on annual rental and related expenses.

The future of karting: Electric karts for speed enthusiasts

Lower Electricity Consumption:

Blue Shock Race’s Battery and Charging System offers lower electricity consumption costs. By charging the batteries outside of the karts, the system ensures a more even distribution of charging power, resulting in reduced peak load demands. This approach can lead to significant savings on electricity costs associated with karting operations. The system’s efficiency contributes to creating sustainable and cost-effective karting experiences.

Effortless and eco-friendly: Electric karting with battery swap

Safety Features of Blue Shock Race Battery and Charging System

Automated Charging and LED Indications:

The Battery and Charging System from Blue Shock Race incorporate automated charging technology with LED indications. This ensures a user-friendly and safe charging process. The LED indicators provide clear indications of the charging status, making it easier for operators to monitor the process and ensure safe operation.

Air Cooling for Charger and Battery

To maintain optimal operating conditions and enhance safety, the Blue Shock Race Battery and Charging System features air cooling systems for both the charger and the battery. This helps regulate temperature levels during the charging process, preventing overheating and ensuring the longevity and safety of the battery system.

Compact Design and Pit-Lane Placement

The Blue Shock Race Battery and Charging System’s compact design allows for placement near the pit lane in compliance with safety regulations in various countries. This ensures easy, safe access to charging without track obstruction, promoting a secure and efficient karting environment.

Lightweight and fast: Electric karts designed for speed and performance

All in all Blue Shock Race’s Battery and Charging System offers numerous advantages for karting businesses. The Quick Swap Battery System provides a practical unlimited driving range while reducing investment costs and space requirements. The system’s lower electricity consumption and efficient charging process help lower operational expenses. Additionally, the Battery and Charging System incorporates safety features such as automated charging, LED indications, and air cooling for enhanced user safety. With Blue Shock Race’s Battery and Charging System, karting businesses can benefit from increased profitability and improved customer experience.

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