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Lightning-fast battery swap for homologated electric karts

BSR has spent 18 months developing electric motorcycle power units. BSR ONE is a versatile Plug and Play solution for electric motorcycle enthusiasts. It allows them to build their electric motorcycles in just one day and enjoy the benefits of this technology.

The platform operates as an Open Source system. It offers individuals a unique opportunity to create plug-and-play systems without requiring extensive technical expertise. All components are designed as a single block, making them easy to use, like a phone or a laptop.

In our case, we have allowed end customers or local dealer centers to create their own modifications for electric motorcycles using the BSR power unit system. This opens up new business and expression opportunities for daily riders, athletes, DIY projects, or other crazy ideas that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Electric karting excellence with Blue Shock Race

The first generation of the BSR ONE electric motorcycle power unit isn’t intended to establish new power and speed records. Instead, its primary objective is to craft a lightweight, highly compact, powerful, robust, and, above all, versatile system. The power and range indicators meet the requirements for widespread utilization in numerous projects at a reasonable cost. Initially, the power unit system will target Off-Road applications in its first stage. However, beginning next year, once the full certification process is completed, BSR ONE will introduce an enhanced version tailored for On-Road applications, complete with all the necessary global certifications.

Unleash the potential of electric gokarts

What can you get today?

At present, you can contact us via email – info@blueshockrace.com and secure your spot in line for our power unit. We anticipate deliveries to commence by the end of 2023 or at the outset of 2024. Given BSR’s escalating popularity each year, submitting a deposit payment now not only secures your place in the production queue but also ensures you are among the first to receive the BSR ONE power unit.

Speed and performance redefined with electric power

Can I get a ready-made bike right away?

Certainly, it is possible to order a pre-built motorcycle with the BSR ONE power unit system. In this scenario, our sales agent will reach out to you to determine your preferred motorcycle model and your objectives. Subsequently, they will craft a comprehensive offer for a fully assembled motorcycle. This motorcycle will undergo testing and be delivered as a fully operational unit.

Alternatively, we can connect you with a nearby distributor who can assemble your desired electric motorcycle and offer the essential services you require.

Eco-friendly racing with Li-ion battery technology

How can I become a distributor of BSR ONE electric motorcycles?

You can convey your interest by contacting us at info@blueshockrace.com, and we will contact you for an interview and preliminary investigation into your plans, goals, and requirements. We will present you with three distribution options (Agent, Distributor, Exclusive Distributor) tailored to your preferences. Each category comes with its own set of duties, responsibilities, benefits, and pricing levels from BSR as the supplier.