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Unleash the potential of electric gokarts

Demonstrating the technological capabilities and experience of the latest karts, the company Blue Shock Race has created an audacious video, in which 3 racing drivers deliver electric karts within 60 seconds to a boy, who has just ordered them, by this video BSR declares that they are ready for the delivery of BSR 2.2 electric karts and their power units.

Currently, already 8 countries host competitions and organize championships involving BSR electric racing karts, and another 4 countries are preparing to launch such competitions in the next season. In 2023, the major racing events and championships will take place in Monaco, Mexico, Japan, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, and Australia.

Electric karting excellence with Blue Shock Race

Electric karts in all categories

At the present moment, increasingly more people choose not only to try electric karts, but also participate in full season competitions. Over the course of the last 6 years, Blue Shock Race have developed full-spectre racing solutions for children’s 1.5kW power unit, which is designed for 4-7 years old children, 7kW PU for 7-11 years old children and 18kW power units for teenagers and juniors aged 12-15, up to the most powerful 25kW and 25kW+ power units for drivers aged 15+, where the maximum racing version ensures constant 33kW (45HP) power, which is equivalent to the most powerful kart classes.

The main advantage that increasingly more drivers start to appreciate, is that they can install the BSR electric kart system on any of their existing standard kart chassis in 20-30 minutes, thus being able to continue representing their brand and team.

Lightning-fast battery swap for non-stop fun

“This is a completely different world – it’s impressive”

Keeping pace with the global changes, also the karting world evolves, and a large part of the karting society does not understand it or does not want to accept it, but everybody who has tried it once, asks, where one can take part in competitions and where a kart can be acquired. While testing the most powerful BSR karts version last weekend, the Lithuanian racing driver Kaujus Siksnelis admitted after the race: “This is a completely different world – it’s impressive!” These are simple conclusions by racing drivers who try this technology for the first time.

Speed and performance redefined with electric power

Close to zero maintenance

Many are frightened by the price, which is slightly higher than usual, but it has to be taken into consideration that the servicing costs for the following 1-3 years after the purchase are very low. No repairs or improvements are required for retaining the performance.

Another aspect that discourages potential buyers is the battery. These concerns are eliminated by the fact that over the last 6 years only one client has replaced the battery. When a client wants to replace the battery, BSR is ready to repurchase the existing battery, because it still can be used in systems with lower power, for example, solar energy accumulation systems, thus continuing to use the battery for another 10-15 years.

Eco-friendly racing with Li-ion battery technology

Education is the key

It is a technology of the latest generation, which is not yet understood in the karting industry. One of the missions of BSR is not only to create these technologies but also to educate the public.

Changes require time, but thanks to the young generation and changes in the automotive industry the world is changing slowly, and those who will become the first to follow these new trends will benefit the most, whereas those who will resist these trends the longest, will face adaption problems later.

Blue Shock Race would like to invite to join electric racing all those united not just in our passion for racing, but in our commitment to deliver a better future through racing.