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Carnabis go-kart fith blue shock race electric rental karts

At Blue Shock Race, we like to share the stories of our clients, and Carnabis is no exception. In a world where car culture thrives, and karting serves as the base of motorsports. Carnabis sets a unique mission – to enhance car culture and step by step redefine karting in Korea.

The Birth of Carnabis:

Carnabis, a fusion of “car” and “cannabis” (representing an addiction to cars), was born out of a desire to reshape the automotive landscape. It began with a vision to create a haven for car enthusiasts, a place where the love for automobiles knows no bounds.

Driving the Electric Karting Revolution

Traditionally, karting relied on internal combustion engines, but Carnabis envisioned a different future. Recognizing the growing market of electric karts and cars, Carnabis collaborated with a BSR domestic distributor in South Korea to be one of the first electric kart providers in the region.

Carnabis go-kart karting track with BSR leisure karts with battery swap system

A Glimpse into the Future

Carnabis is currently starting small in its region. But the vision extends far beyond. The dream is to establish a sprawling indoor karting facility—a haven for motorsport enthusiasts of all ages. Beyond karting, Carnabis aspires to become a leading name in automotive culture and parts, nurturing the next generation of automotive enthusiasts.

The benefits of electric karts are undeniable, making them an appealing choice over traditional internal combustion engine go-karts

CarnabisSouth Korea
BSR electric race karts in korea for sales and lesiure business

Carnabis advice

For those considering an electric kart, two factors matter most: noise and maintenance. The benefits of electric karts in these aspects are undeniable, making them an appealing choice over traditional internal combustion engines. Carnabis proudly recommends BSR’s electric karts, with world-class battery swap technology, and handling that defies expectations.

Education is also one of the key components of our service, as many of our clients are experiencing an electric kart for the first time and are truly amazed. Carnabis is on a mission to encourage people and future kart owners to embrace the challenge and experience the thrill of electric karting